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Nutritional Testing

Nutritional Testing

Today, there is a world of research on the benefits and importance of vitamins and minerals. Such information is available to anyone, at any time, if they choose to look for it. Internet search engines have made this an easy task. Years ago this was not an easy undertaking. Studies repeatedly describe that heart disease and cancer risks are higher in those people that are deficient in vitamins. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

With the basic understanding that we all need vitamins and minerals, and that we all have specific requirements for these, it stands to reason that we should test to see if what we are taking is being absorbed , and meeting our requirements.

For all of the years that I’ve been in practice, I have recommended Vitamin and Mineral testing on all of my patients. This is usually done at the time of the first visit.

It might be the most important test of all to have done.

  • complete blood testing including: CBC, Chemistry, Vitamin and mineral levels, Thyoid profile, DHEA, Growth Hormone, liver profile, Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, FSH LH, Viral panels Homocysteine, Apolipoprotein, C Reactive Protein, Lyme Western Blot, Lyme PCR, Cortisol, Parasites,Arthritis Profile
  • Cardiovascular Testing including Cardiovascular risk profiles EKG, Event Monitor
  • Complete Ultrasound Testing Carotid Vessels Echocardiogram Lower extremity vessels Abdominal vessels Abdominal Organs Pelvic Sonogram Prostate Sonogram
  • Heidelberg Gastric Analysis
  • Allergy testing Intradermal Skin Testing Prime Test