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Allergies have plagued the population for thousands for thousands of years. The most common irritants have been Pollens, Molds and Spores, Dust and Dust mites, Foods, cockroach, and a wide range of natural and man made chemicals. Over 50 million people in this country suffer from allergies, and more than 50% of us test positive to one or more substances. Allergies are the 6th leading cause of disease in the US.The most common treatments for Allergy involve using medications to change or try to prevent symptoms. In most cases this is not fruitful, because these substances only work with continued use, and all carry side effects that are unwanted. Also, these medications don’t change the cause of allergy; they only temporarily change how we view the symptoms. With a better understanding of how the immune system works, we can better understand the entire mechanism and do a great deal more to change the outcome.In short, the immune system must respond to foreign substances entering the body.

When an irritant is presented, a variety of immune cells gathers and determines how to react to the “invader”. Bacteria, viruses, and cancers will stimulate different responses, but allergens typically stimulate antibodies IGE and IGG. With the repetition of exposure, more antibodies are recruited and the immune system has a great deal more to have to do. The stimulus can create symptoms anywhere in the body and can show in a variety of ways. Some of the latest studies have linked allergy history and risk of cancers. It is probable that when the immune system is working diligently at producing response to allergens, it is not able to create as significant a response to abnormal cells. So, the overall strength of the response is diluted by the ever-growing and potentially large allergen exposure. One of the attached articles describes this. This is also supported by the fact that those with allergy history also have a more difficult time fighting colds, whether bacterial or viral. Frequency of infection and severity are much higher in allergic patients.

With this in mind we need to do a better job at stopping the problem at the base, or beginning, rather than allowing the immune system to get caught up in such a mess. The idea, as I see it, is to actually decrease binding to allergens and free up the immune response to a better and possibly more important job.The most accurate type of allergy testing, (proven by years of research) is something called Skin Endpoint Titration or Serial Dilution Titration. This involves an intradermal or skin test to evaluate response to allergen. It is more accurate than scratch or prick testing because it places the allergen into a better area in the skin for antibodies to respond to it. It does not have the false positive profile that the other techniques have. It is also more accurate than blood testing. With this technique different strengths of solution can be tested to further clarify a response.

Testing is done with different dilutions to find the dose that first creates a response. This is the best dose to start treatment with. The results here are the most rewarding. I have used this technique for over 18 years in my practice. Treatment can be done in different ways but the best techniques have evolved into using a sublingual dose. Here, the patient can take 2 drops of the allergen under the tongue daily and see better safer results sooner.Another useful tool in testing is the Multitest kit. This is primarily used on children, because it doesn’t involve the use of needles. A plastic device presses the allergens onto the skin, and results appear within minutes. It can also be used on adults. Proof of the efficacy of the treatment can be seen with quick symptom regression as well as change in results on recheck skin testing. Free up your immune response, and change the cause of your symptoms.

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