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Cracked mercury dental amalgam as a possible cause of fever of unknown origin: a case report *

Introduction Sudden fever of unknown origin is quite a common emergency and may lead to hospitalization. A rise in body temperature can be caused by infectious diseases and by other types of medical condition. This case report is of a woman who had fever at night for several days and other clinical signs which were likely related to cracked dental mercury amalgam.

Case presentation A healthy women developed fever many days after had cracked a mercury dental amalgam filling. Blood tests evidenced increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate, anemia and elevated white cell count; symptoms were headache and palpitations. Blood tests and symptoms normalized within three weeks of removal of the dental amalgam.

Conclusion This case highlights the possible link between mercury vapor exposure from cracked dental amalgam and early activation of the immune system leading to fever of unknown origin.

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Published on 09-29-2008
Authors: Fabrizia Bamonti,1 Gianpaolo Guzzi,2 and Maria Elena Ferrero
Source: J Med Case Reports. 2008; 2: 72.