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Comparison of Surgically Repaired Achilles Tendon Tears Using Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrices New Jersey *

Methods: Twelve athletes underwent open suture repair after complete Achilles tendon tear. Open suture repair in conjunction with a preparation rich in growth factors (PRGF) was performed in 6 athletes and retrospectively compared with a matched group that followed conventional surgical procedure. The outcomes were evaluated on the basis of range of motion, functional recovery, and complications. Achilles tendons were examined by ultrasound at 50 ± 11 months in retrospective controls and 32 ± 10 months in the PRGF group. In the laboratory portion of the study, PRGF treatment was characterized by the number of platelets and concentration of insulin (IGF-I), transformed (TGF-β1), platelet-derived (PDGF-AB), vascular endothelial (VEGF), hepatocyte (HGF), and epidermal (EGF) growth factors in patients affected by musculoskeletal traumatic injuries.

Results: Athletes receiving PRGF recovered their range of motion earlier (7 ± 2 weeks vs 11 ± 3 weeks, P = .025), showed no wound complication, and took less time to take up gentle running (11 ± 1 weeks vs 18 ± 3 weeks, P = .042) and to resume training activities (14 ± 0.8 weeks vs 21 ± 3 weeks, P = .004). The cross-sectional area of the PRGF-treated tendons increased less (t = 3.44, P = .009). TGF-β1 (74.99 ± 32.84 ng/mL), PDGF-AB (35.62 ± 14.57 ng/mL), VEGF (383.9 ± 374.9 pg/mL), EGF (481.5 ± 187.5 pg/mL), and HGF (593.87 ± 155.76 pg/mL) significantly correlated with the number of platelets (677 ± 217 platelets/μL, P < .05).

Conclusion: The operative management of tendons combined with the application of autologous PRGF may present new possibilities for enhanced healing and functional recovery. This needs to be evaluated in a randomized clinical trial.

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Published on 05-27-2009
Authors: Mikel Sanchez, MD*, Eduardo Anitua, MD, DDS†, Juan Azofra, MD*, Isabel Andia, PhD†, Sabino Padilla, MD, PhD‡, and Inigo Mujika, PhD