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Can Glutathione Help Lyme Disease Sufferers? *

At an informational forum on Lyme disease keynote speaker, Dr Richard Horowitz, who has worked on the study and treatment of Lyme disease at the Hudson Valley Healing Arts Center, mentioned that for the first time in 20 years, he had seen evidence of a possible treatment solution occurring right before his eyes, "in my office during the last 30 days." The treatment involved administration of glutathione by intravenous injection to remove heavy metals stored in the brain cells of a person who suffered from Lou Gehrig's disease. After being given the IV dose, the patient showed 90 percent improvement within tem minutes. His joint pain was gone and his cognitive symptoms improved markedly with results that were encouraging and consistent. "Neurotoxins produced by the Borrelia spirochete, or Lyme disease bacterium, also interact with heavy metals in our cells," Dr Horowitz explains. "All these chemicals in our bodies cause inflammation, and glutathione seems to act like a sponge that pulls them out."

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Published on 05-19-2008