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Arterial regeneration and clinical improvement of secondary autoimmune Raynaud’s syndrome with autologous bone marrow mononuclear cells (aBM-MNC). early results of phase II clinical trial *

Raynaud phenomenon is chronic vasospasm of the fingers, ears, nose and toes that occurs in response to stress or cold exposure, with a prevalence rates of 11% in women and 8% in men according with EEUU statistics. Secondary Raynaud phenomenon is associated with another disease like autoimmune disease. In our clinical center since 2010, 22 patients with secondary severe Raynaud syndrome (Lupus, scleroderma-CREST, vasculitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis) were recruited to the program of autologous cellular therapies previously sign of voluntary consent and approval of the medical ethical committee maintained their standard pharmacological therapy.

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Published on 01-16-2018
Authors: Jhann Arturo , Carlos Perez , Angie L. Vivas Sandoval , Carlos Ruiz , Octavio Segura , Yazmin Bastidas , Octavio Segura Guerrero