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Aluminum and copper in drinking water enhance inflammatory or oxidative events specifically in the brain

Inflammatory and oxidative events are up-regulated in the brain of AD patients. It has been reported that in animal models of AD, exposure to aluminum (Al) or copper (Cu) enhanced oxidative events and accumulation of amyloid beta (Aβ) peptides. The present study was designed to evaluate the effect of a 3-month exposure of mice to copper sulfate (8 μM), aluminum lactate (10 or 100 μM), or a combination of the salts. Results suggest that although Al or Cu may independently initiate inflammatory or oxidative events, they may function cooperatively to increase APP levels.

Published on 10-27-2008
Authors: Angelica Becariaa, Debomoy K. Lahirib, Stephen C. Bondya, DeMao Chenb, Ali Hamadeha, Huihui Lia, Russell Taylora and Arezoo Campbella
Source: Journal of Neuroimmunology Volume 176, Issues 1-2, July 2006, Pages 16-23