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Prevalence of Chronic Diseases in Adults Exposed to Arsenic-Contaminated Drinking Water

Inorganic arsenic is naturally occurring in groundwaters throughout the United States. This study investigated arsenic exposure and self-report of 9 chronic diseases. We received private well-water samples and questionnaires from 1185 people who reported drinking their water for 20 or more years. Respondents with arsenic levels of 2 µg/L or greater were statistically more likely to report a history of depression, high blood pressure, circulatory problems, and bypass surgery than were respondents with arsenic concentrations less than 2 µg/L.

Published on 10-20-2008
Authors: Kristina M. Zierold, PhD, Lynda Knobeloch, PhD and Henry Anderson, MD
Source: November 2004, Vol 94, No. 11 | American Journal of Public Health 1936-1937